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Thank you for choosing Dr. Raffi as your dentist. If you were happy with your recent dental visit to our office, we would appreciate it if you could leave us feedback on Google or Rate MDs. We value your feedback!

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Read what patients are saying about Dr. Raffi:

I have always had a wee touch of dentophobia, not even going to lie. It's just something about the scraping, the poking, the drilling, yuck--it's way too much to handle for any sane person. I personally vote that all dental work should require being completely knocked out, yes- even a basic cleaning. After being told by multiple people who NOT to visit in the area (Dr. Raffi wasn't on any of those lists, thank goodness) I figured that Dr Raffi would be good enough and get the job done. After visiting this office a few times already, I have to say this guy is wonderful, fantastic, awesome, sweet, and a complete gentleman. (I called him a 'gentleman' because one time he asked me if he could move my purse. He added that his grandmother told him to never touch a woman's purse.) I mean I want to put this guy in as a vote for Dentist of the Century. The thing that bothers me the most and really puts me off about some doctors and dentists is the lack of bedside manner. You know that I already don't want to be there, so don't treat me like garbage and make me despise this appointment even more. Dr. Raffi isn't like that in the least. He is a very kind man and goes into great detail to make sure you understand everything. Of course, you'll get one or two lectures in there but what do you expect?! He's still a dentist ;)

His staff completely knocked my socks off too. I have a friend that's a dental hygienist so I can't technically say Dawn is the best hygienist in the world, but...well...she kinda is. She always makes sure to try to hurt me as little as possible (hehe, it's dentistry, it still freaking hurts) and talks to me about work and my personal life. It's not only the knowledge of the dentist and his staff but also the kindness that's what makes an acceptable office a place that I don't dread so much anymore and yeah, that's saying a lot.

--Courtney C.

Their office was the absolute perfect temperature. It was so nice to be able to get out of the weather outside and sit in a relaxing, comfortable office. I will absolutely return. I had an amazing experience, and they were by far the best I've ever seen. Not only do my appointments never get canceled last minute, they take time out of their day to send me a reminder so I don't forget. They are extremely reliable. I love how attentive they are here. Even when notified that they have a personal phone call, they always wait to take it later. Their full attention is always on me and it makes me feel special. The restrooms at this office were spotless. It smelled amazing in there and looked immaculate.

--Emma R.

Great with children! My family moved to Chicago recently, so we had to find a new dentist. Upon research, I decided to take my son to Dr. Raffi because he complained of tooth pain. My son is very shy, and I was worried about how he would react to a new dentist. Dr. Raffi is very friendly and personable, and my son quickly warmed up to him. Dr. Raffi explained what he would be doing in child-friendly terms, and I could tell her genuinely cared about my son’s wellbeing. No kid likes going to the dentist, but Dr. Raffi made it easy between the staff taking us on a tour and the overall friendly environment. My husband has an appointment with Dr. Raffi next week, and I definitely would recommend him for children or anyone who’s anxious about dentistry.

--Rosa C.

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