Composite Fillings

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White Composite Fillings

A composite filling is the restoration procedure of choice for treating a tooth with tooth decay. A composite is a tooth-colored filling in our Bourbonnais, IL office that is made of ceramic and plastic compounds. These fillings mimic the appearance of natural teeth and are preferred by many patients and dental professionals. Dr. Raffi Dentistry offers tooth-colored fillings that look natural in your mouth. They can replace the metallic look of silver fillings in Bourbonnais, IL. The unique mixture of materials used in composite fillings provides supreme bonding, requires less preparation, and preserves tooth structure.

Dental Bonding in Bourbonnais, IL

The Procedure

  • First, the decayed portion of the tooth must be removed in order to place the filling.
  • Next, an adhesive is brushed onto the tooth so that the composite filling will stick.
  • After the adhesive is applied, several layers of composite filling are brushed on.
  • Finally, the filling is cured, or hardened with a light, and polished.

Benefits of Composite Fillings over Amalgam Fillings

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Raffi for composite fillings if you want to have a cavity filled, wish to replace a metal filling, or correct a tooth defect.

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